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Kingtech main product---2.4 inch LCD display including 2.4 inch vertical screen, 2.4 inch transmissive LCD display, 2.4 inch transflective LCD display, 2.4 inch high brightness LCD display, 2.4 inch sunlight readable LCD display, 2.4 inch normal LCD display, 2.4 inch outdoor LCD display, 2.4 inch LCD display with capacitive touch panel, 2.4 inch LCD display with resistive touch panel, 2.4 inch LCD display with HDMI board can provide to contact Raspberry PI.


For the 2.4 inch LCD display, we have 2.4 inch 240x320 resolution/280 nits brightness/MCU interface/ 12 o’clock view angle/ ST7789V driver IC/ TFT LCD display screen, 2.4 inch 240x320 resolution/ 250 nits brightness/MCU interface/IPS, All, Free view angle/ ST7789V driver IC/ TFT LCD display screen, 2.4 inch 240x320 resolution/ 1000 nits high brightness/ sunlight readable /MCU interface/TN, 12 o’clock view angle/ST7789V driver IC/ TFT LCD display screen single module without touch, 2.4 inch 240x320 resolution/640 nits high brightness/MCU interface/IPS, ALL, Free view angle/ILI9341V driver IC/ TFT LCD display screen with capacitive touch panel can choose.


And we also have 2.4 inch 240x320 IPS view MUC interface ST7789V driver IC Transflective display, since this one is transflective display mode, and the characteristics of the transflective screen are: the backlight brightness automatically ADAPTS to the outdoor environment. The backlight (sunlight) reflected by the reflective membrane is as strong as the outdoor sunlight. No matter how strong the outdoor daylight brightness is, the stronger the ambient light is, the stronger the reflected backlight will be. In the outdoors, you can completely not rely on additional backlight lighting equipment, so it saves a lot of power than the full penetration screen in the outdoors, and the reading effect is much better. So this 2.4 inch transflective display screen can be well used for both indoor and outdoor.


Our 2.4 inch LCD display is usually used for handheld devices, POS machines, beauty equipment, medical machinery..

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