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Bar type LCD display also called Strip screen or ultra wide display,it refers to a long LCD screen with a length-width ratio greater than that of ordinary display. Due to its diverse size, clear display and rich functions, it is used in retail, transportation, banking, enterprise and other industries, and the scope of use is increasingly expanding. LCD bar screen is combined with information publishing system, supporting split screen playback, time-sharing playback, timing switch and other basic functions; it Support terminal group management, account permission management, system security management;  Support extended functions, such as lifting play, multi-screen synchronization, linkage play, etc.  With excellent hardware quality, comprehensive software function and strong system customization capability.Application including retail shelves, subway platforms, bank Windows, enterprise elevators and so on. 


With the development of science and technology, promote the development of LCD industry;  The strip screen is a new product under the development of science and technology.  They are increasingly used on buses, supermarket shelves and subway signs.  According to different places, uses and so on, derived from the vehicle strip screen, bus guide screen and other different functions of the bar type LCD display.


We have below bar type LCD display for your reference:



3.46inch bar type LCD display,340x800 ultra wide display,active area 33.97x81mm,350cd/m2 brightness,MIPI interface,IPS free viewing angle,it can be used on portable device or GPS car recorder.It’s an on-cell type display,support capacitive touch function.


4.82inch bar type LCD display,480x1120 ultra wide display,active area 47.95x112.56 mm,280cd/m2 brightness,MIPI interface,IPS free viewing angle,it can be used on portable device ,smart home device,and even remote controller.


10.4inch bar type LCD display,1024x100 ultra wide display,active area 264.192x25.8 mm,950cd/m2 brightness sunlight readable,RGB/TTL interface,IPS free viewing angle,it can be used on outdoor advertising equipment,super market shelf label.


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