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The capacitive touch screen technology works via the human finger’s sensing. The capacitive touch screen is a four layer composite glass screen, the inner surface of the glass and laminated coated with a layer of ITO, the outermost layer is a silica glass coating thin layer, and the laminated ITO coating as the work face, four electrodes on four corners, inner ITO is shield which ensure a good work environment. When the fingers touched to the metal layer, because of the electric field for the human body, the surface of the user and the capacitive touch screen formed by a coupling capacitance, regarding the high frequency current, the capacitive touch screen is directly conductor, so the fingers from the contact point suck a small current. The current issue from the touch screen on the four corners of the electrode respectively, the four electrodes and the current is proportional to the finger to the four corners, the controller precise calculation based on the four current ratio, it’s concluded that the the touch point location.


Kingtech Group Co.,Ltd has exisiting capacitive touch screen to match many sizes LCD display such as 1.39inch 454x454 AMOLED round with capacitive touch screen, 1.78inch 336x448 AMOLED square with capacitive touch screen, 2.4inch 240x320 IPS with capacitive touch screen, 2.8inch 240x320 TN/IPS with capacitive touch screen, 3.5inch 320x240/320x480 TN/IPS with capacitive touch screen, 4inch 480x800 IPS with capacitive touch screen, 4.3inch 480x272/480x800 TN/IPS with capacitive touch screen, 5inch 480x272/800x480/720x1280 TN/IPS with capacitive touch screen, 7inch 800x480/720x1280/800x1280/1200x1920 IPS/TN with capacitive touch screen, 8inch 800x480/800x600/800x1280/1200x1920/ IPS with capacitive touch screen, 10.1inch 1024x600/1280x800/800x1280 IPS with capacitive touch screen, 12.1inch 1280x800 IPS with capacitive touch screen, 13.3inch 1920x1080 IPS with capacitive touch screen and 15.6inch 1920x1080 IPS with capacitive touch screen etc.


For capacitive touch screen, now it’s most common in our life such as self-service terminal equipment, all-in-one device, HMI, face recognition system, medical, smart-home or others.


Kingtech also can custom capacitive touch according to the customer’s requirements. For the capacitive touch screen, Kingtech can use gorilla glass and tempered glass for cover glass. The thickness can make 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8/2.0mm, 2.8/3.0mm and 6.0mm.


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