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Kingtech Group Co.,Ltd established Xinghuan LCD hardware & software design in 2019. This department committed to the design, development, production and sales of display terminal products, HMI human-computer interaction interface system, display module supplier, electronic control LCD, touch screen solution providers, good at providing personalized customized solution services for the customers.


Most of our finished products are custom made. We choose the most suitable LCD module according to different project requirements. We will also recommend the most suitable  software and hardware to the customers.


For the Finished Products, we have:

8inch 1280x800 IPS integrated machine. This one we used Android 10/Linux operating system. The frequency is quad-core A53, 1.6GHz. The memory is 1+8G, and you can memory much pictures and videos. The 8inch has existing capacitive touch (multi-touch) and the outline dimension is 199x123.9x29. The cover glass also can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The 8inch integrated machine can be used directly. The communication interface can support RS232, USB and LAN and it also can configurable wireless module.


10.1inch 1280x800 IPS integrated machine finished products. The 10.1inch also used Android 10/Linux operating system. The memory is 1+8G and it also has capacitive multi-touch. The 10.1inch WXGA integrated machine supports wireless WIFI.


Except the 8inch 1280x800 and 10.1inch 1280x800 IPS integrated machines, we also have 7inch 1024x600 and 10.3inch 1920x720 dual-screen different display conference machine. Warm welcome to negotiate with us.


Kingtech also successfully develop HMI series products such as 2.4inch 240x320 TN, 2.8inch 240x320 TN, 3.5inch 320x240 TN/320x480 IPS, 4.3inch 480x272 TN/800x480 IPS, 5inch 800x480 IPS/720x1280 IPS, 6.86inch 1280x480 IPS, 7inch 800x480 TN/1024x600 IPS etc.  


Moreover, we also successfully develop control system for  

Huawei projects

City Metro system

City public bus

Police security device system

Small appliances such as HMI, 3D printer, QR code display, medical, advertising device etc.


Kingtech can do OEM Android board and Linux board according to the customer’s requirements. Thank you.


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