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HDMI is High Definition Multimedia, the interface can provide a data transmission bandwidth of up to 5Gbps, and can transmit uncompressed audio signals and high-resolution video signals.  It supports a variety of TV and computer video formats, including SDTV, HDTV video images, plus multi-channel digital audio. Both HDMI and UDI, which removes the audio transmission function, inherit the core technology of DVI, "Transmission Minimized Differential Signal" TMDS, which is still an extension of DVI in essence. The video content of DVI, HDMI and UDI is transmitted in real-time and dedicated line mode, which can ensure that the phenomenon of blockage will not occur when the video traffic is large. Due to wireless digital/analog or analog/digital conversion, higher audio frequencies can be obtained and video transmission quality.


Kingtech has been manufacture TFT LCD module for a long time. In order to provide the customers deeper products and one stop solution, we established our own solution branch to develop hardware & software board to match our LCD display screen.


For HDMI board product, we developed some to match our display products such as 1.39inch 454x454 round AMOLED display with HDMI board, 3.34inch 320x320 round LCD display with HDMI board, 3.4inch 800x800 round display with HDMI board, 5.0inch 1080x1080 round display with HDMI board, 4.3inch 480x272/800x480 with HDMI board, 5.0inch 800x480 with HDMI board, 7.0inch 800x480/1024x600 with HDMI board, 10.1inch 1280x800 with HDMI board, 10.4inch 1024x100 bar type display with HDMI board, 10.4inch 1024x768 LCD with HDMI board, 12.1inch 1280x800 LCD with HDMI board etc.


Our HDMI board can connect the Raspberry pi directly to operate. Kingtech can also custom HDMI board for new items with special requirement such as touch panel control. Also, we can develop HDMI board according to the customer’s requirements.


If you have any want a display with HDMI board,welcome to contact us at anytime.



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