Kingtech provide some original PMOLED.


PMOLED is Passive Matrix OLED,


PMOLED simply forms a matrix of cathode and anode to light up the pixels in the array in a scanning way. Each pixel is operated in short pulse mode to instantly glow with high brightness. The advantages are simple structure, which can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost. However, the high driving voltage makes PMOLED not suitable for large size and high resolution panels, which is different from the current development.OLED display technology has the advantages of spontaneous light, wide viewing Angle, almost infinitely high contrast, low power consumption, high reaction speed and so on. The main advantage of OLED screens is the high degree of control ability of pixels, each of which can be switched on and off independently, resulting in purer blacks and higher contrast. In addition, the power consumption can be reduced by turning off unwanted pixels when displaying the picture. At the same time, because the screen module has fewer layers inside, it also has better light transmittance, which allows for higher brightness and wider viewing angles.


We have below PMOLED for your reference:


0.91inch PMOLED,128x32,the active area dimension is 22.38x5.58mm,300cd/m2 brightness,SPI/I2C interface,IPS free viewing angle,black/white/blue three colors.

0.96inch PMOLED,128x64,the active area dimension is 21.74x10.86mm,120cd/m2 brightness,MCU/SPI/I2C interface,IPS free viewing angle,black/white/blue three colors.


1.12inch square PMOLED,96x96,the active area dimension is 19.85x19.85mm,100cd/m2 brightness,MCU/SPI/I2C interface,IPS free viewing angle,black/white/blue three colors.


1.5inch square PMOLED,128x128,the active area dimension is 26.85x26.85mm,90cd/m2 brightness,SPI/I2C interface,IPS free viewing angle.


1.8inch PMOLED,160x128,the active area dimension is 35x28mm,50cd/m2 brightness,SPI/I2C interface,IPS free viewing angle.


Kingtech was established in 2003,we are a display solution specialist,we have our own display module assembly lines,LCD panel and driver distribution department,hardware and software design office.We are capable to provide your different types of display,if you have any inquiry,welcome to contact us at anytime.


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