Kingtech is a high standard LCM supplier and manufacturer, we have been in this field for more than 16 years. We provide 1.22~10.1 inch LCD modules and customized service with high quality and reasonable price.


For our sunlight readable displays, we have high brightness LCDs, transflective LCDs.

Both models support outdoor sunlight reading.


PV10109LZR40G 10.1-inch LCD screen, this model has a brightness of 1000nits and a resolution of 1280x800. LVDS interface, HDMI board, existing USB and I2C interface capacitive touch screen, full viewing angle, support -30°~80° wide temperature. This model is mainly used in industrial equipment.


PV03502LZR40D 3.5 inch LCD screen, this model has a resolution of 480x640, full viewing angle, sunlight readable.


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