Why they choose kingtech ?

Tell our customers why they choose kingtech from three aspects

1) For the quality,please kindly believe Kingtech will provide the best quality for you,our company and factory with high quality manage system.


 a. In every order of product,our QC has to do 100% inspection both appearance and electric function.
     Material incoming inspection -FOG appearance/function 100% inspection -LCM appearance/functional 100% inspection – check the quality before the warehouse ( random inspection) -check the quality atfer the warehouse ( random inspection)
     when the warehouse is stored for 3 months, the OQC will check again( random inspection).


 b. For some potential problem, the regular test can not find.  It may happen after customer use the products for some time.

    So, for every new project, when we do trial order, we always produce extra quantity to do reliablity test. (As below picture)

    This can help to  make sure that our material and production process are designed correctly.

Why they choose kingtech ?


c.  Our production mainly for high end product,application for medical,industrial and car industrial.It must to be needed very high quality standards,you can see,Kingtech do very well in this field.


Kingtech Group Co.Ltd has been specializing in TFT LCD since 2003,we have been in this field for over 14 years,relying on best services and high quality products to develop stronger and stronger


2) For the price,please kindly believe Kingtech is a high standard LCD module supplier and manufacturer, and we have been in this field for over 13 years. We provide best service and product for our customer, with high quality and reasonable price.


 It is very important that you choose a right and suitable supplier,the cost is not only determined by the unit price, but also depends on the quality of the product. If your production with bad quality, it leads to your
company’s reputation for
 damage,that’s the biggest cost (An immeasurable loss).


 Kingtech has our own factory and our engineer can able to provide the best technical support for you.We suggest you test our sample first,so that you can see claerly our high quality.


3) For the lifecycle,for our lcd display .
   Since we have have several big projects need use this product, the supply is stable over the next two to three years.

   we are also a distributor of LCD panel and IC , we can able receive notice of EOL in advance.If it is EOL,we will provide the another alternative solution for our customer.

Contact us as below :

2nd Floor,Building C,Jia Huang Yuan Technical Park,Tiegang,Xixiang,Bao’an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China 518126 
E-mail:  Kingtech12

TEL: 86-755-23037763     FAX: +86-755-8202 2880
Mobile: +86-139-2372-1355    SKYPE: kingtech12  Wechat:13923721355



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