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Custom LCD Display

KINGTECH is a group company,we have a company specially distributing LCD panel and driver IC,our main business partners are Innolux,BOE,TIANMA,CTC,ILITEK,HIMAX.What’s more,we are the official agent of Innolux.This special experience gives us many opportunities to work with LCD panel manufacturer and we can talk to their head to get support.Therefore,we are capable to custom LCD display for your customers.

While usually we don’t suggest to custom LCD display,cause the cost will super high,up to million dollars cost,and also the MOQ will be very large,like 100K~1KK/lot.Not a normal customer can accept such policy.

But for some special cases,customer accept the cost and MOQ,we also evaluated the project to be very potential,we will work together with our customer and the LCD panel manufacturer to custom the LCD panel,we called it make mask.

Usually, custom LCD display the LCD display panel is composed of color film substrate (cf), thin film transistor substrate (TFT), liquid crystal (lc) and sealant frame sandwiched between color film substrate and thin film transistor substrate.  Its molding process generally includes: front array process (thin film, yellow light, etching and stripping film), middle cell process (TFT substrate and CF substrate bonding) and rear module assembly process (drive IC and printed circuit board pressing).  In the front array process, TFT substrate is formed to control the movement of liquid crystal molecules.  The middle cell process is mainly to add liquid crystal between TFT substrate and CF substrate.  The assembly process of back-end module is mainly to drive the integration of IC pressing and printed circuit board, and then drive the rotation of liquid crystal molecules, display images.  

Existing technology in conventional mask structure, including the photic zone and the photic zone, some mask structure includes part of the photic zone, but some of its light is consistent with clearance between the anti-glare film pervious to light, making mask structure in basal taper Angle of the transmittance is still single, just add a transitional step, on the improvement of the taper Angle of the effect is not ideal. 

If you need to custom LCD display,welcome to contact us at anytime.

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