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Our main products are small and middle size LCD display,with a driver board it will work.Therefore,we provide different board solution,display with simple driver board,with it customer can light up our display directly.Display with board,by connect the board with laptop,PC or raspberry pi,our display will work.Display with main board,the main board will have many function base on customer’s request,and the hardware and software can be edited.

Display with board user manual:

1.Connect power supply 7~12V DC, inside is positive and outside is negative.

2.After you connect the display and the test board, press “power switch” to power on. You get into the test image. The display module starts to display image .At this time, press the “test button” continuously to test.

3.When the images goes to the black background and white cell and display “TP TEST”, it means you can start to test the touch panel now.  Please use TP test pen to draw on the TP. It will display what you draw on the TP. Please don’t draw too quickly, otherwise, the result is not good because the processor needs time to response.

4.After the TP test is finished, you can continue to test images by press “test button”.  After the display is cleaned, you can continue to test the TP

5.If you want to test the other images again, you can press “ reset” button and then press “test button” to repeat test

6.If you don’t test any more, please cut the power by switch the “power switch” to “off”

7.If you continue to test another product, please power off by “power switch” first.  Then connect the product to the test board. Press”on” to light up the board,  otherwise, it will ruin our test board.

8.If you want to test your own pictures,please take out the SD card from our demo board,and then use a card reader to down load pictures into our SD card directly via computer.The picture format should be BMP and resolution should match the display resolution.Our SD card has 128 M capacity can in store 10 pcs pictures or more.

Note: When the product connect to test board connector or connect to gold finger, please match the NO1 pin on display with the NO1 pin on test board well.  And other pins match well one by one. Opposite direction, dislocation, short-circuit may run the display and the test board.


Display with board:PV135 is a multimedia LCD driver integrated board based on All winner V40 main chip, which is equipped with 1GB/2GB DDR+8GB/16GB/32GB eMMC. It can support LVDS or MIPI display, CVBS input and output, VGA output, YPbPr our put and HDMI high definition output. Its mater IC adopts TSMC’s 40nm HPC manufacturing process, based on the ARM Cortex-A7 architecture and four cores, and its main frequency can reach up to 1.5GHz. The application of All winner new generation Smart Color technology contributes to brilliant pictures display under the high resolution and provide a pleasant visual effect for your machine.

If you need display with board solution,welcome to contact us at anytime.

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