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Serial Port Board

The serial port board screen is a TFT color LCD display control module with serial communication, which can be connected to external devices such as PLC, invert-er, temperature control instrument, data acquisition module etc. The unit writes parameters or inputs operation instructions, thereby realizing the information interaction between the user and the machine.


On the market, the serial port board interface screen of the early version before 2010 are simply downloaded through a host computer software, and then send commands to display various interfaces that need to be displayed, so as to achieve the required display effect. Only upload coordinates are supported.

In the version developed in 2014, the serial port board has formed an industrial chain, and the serial port board screen has very powerful functions such as some serial port board have configuration functions, and various functions are no longer simple and rough operations using images. The interface operation is getting closer and closer to the LCD display of some smart phones.


Kingtech serial port board TFT LCD display module has 2.8inch 240×320 with resistive touch screen/capacitive touch screen with serial port board, 3.5inch 320×480 IPS with resistive touch screen/capacitive touch screen with serial port board, 4.3inch 480×272 with resistive touch screen/ capacitive touch screen with serial port board, 5inch 800×480 with resistive touch screen/capacitive touch screen with serial port board, 7inch 800×480/1024×600 with resistive touch screen/capacitive touch screen with serial port board and 10.1inch 1280×800 with capacitive touch with serial port board etc. In order to save your time to develop board to work our display module, this one can operate or use directly. In addition, we can also custom the serial port board according to the customer’s requirements.


The serial port board supports TTL UART (TXD/RXD) interfaces and can operate resistive touch and capacitive touch parts. Kingtech also provide GUI supports.


The serial port board is widely used in various LCD display fields such as industrial automation, smart home appliances, transportation rails, data rooms, charging piles, power medical care, national defense security, and shared equipment etc.

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