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Except single display module,we also provide display with touch panel,resistive touch panel also called RTP and capacitive touch panel(air-gap bonding/OCA bonding)also called CTP/PCAP.Base on different customer’s request,we also provide touch panel customization service,change the cover glass shape,silk print,touch panel FPC pin-out and interface.


Touch screen Is also called Touch Panel, is a kind of can receive the first input signal of induction type liquid crystal display device, when contact with the graphic buttons on the screen, the screen of the tactile feedback system according to the program of pre-programmed drive all kinds of connecting device, can be used to replace the mechanical button panel, and by the LCD screen to create vivid audio effect [1] From 1974 began to appear in the world since the earliest resistive touch screen, with the development of science and technology and application of the growth of demand, a variety of touch technology successively born to adapt to all kinds of industry and the level of application Today, has formed a commercial touch-screen technology including: resistance technology touch screen capacitive touch screen infrared touch the touch screen technology Surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology, touch screen, and has been widely used in mobile phone, tablet computer, retail, public information query, multimedia information system, medical instrument industry, automatic control, entertainment and catering industry, automatic ticketing system, education system and many other fields.


For resistive touch panel,we can make 10point touch function resistive touch panel,and water-proof resistive touch panel.For capacitive touch panel,we can do several types of customization,like make I2C interface and USB interface,0.5mm thickness to 3mm thickness cover glass,single touch and multiple touch,different cover glass material(Asahi,Gorrila) above 6H hardness tempered glass,also we can make curved surface cover glass.Also we can do different cover glass surface treatment,like water-proof,anti-finger print.From 1.22inch to 15.6inch,almost all of our display have touch panel.Different touch panel will fulfil different product function,resistive touch panel request hard press,it is less used now,and capacitive touch panel is the trend,you can make it work by gentle slide.Nowadays,more and more customer request touch panel on their device,which will make their products more smart.


If you need to develop your own touch panel with display,welcome to contact us.

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Kingtech 10.1 inch 1920*1200 TFT LCD module display
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Kingtech 10.1inch 1920x1200 16:10 TFT module display
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MIPI interface 10.1 inch 1200*1920 TFT display
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SVGA resolution Can custom resistive touch and capacitive touch
Kingtech 10.4 inch 800*600 TFT module display
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