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Kingtech provide some kind of AMOLED display.

AMOLED is Active Matrix/Organic Light Emitting Diode.

AMOLED is based on organic luminophor, tens of thousands of only have red, green or blue all three color of a light source is placed on the screen in the form of a specific substrate, these lights on the applied voltage can emit red, green or blue, voltage transformation also need to rely on TFT, after adjusting the proportion of primary colors,  To produce a variety of colors.

Technical advantages  

AMOLED’s thin screen and ability to integrate a touch layer into the screen make it an advantage.  

High-resolution AMOLED is arranged in Pen tile, and instead of a red, green and blue sub pixel set like traditional LCDS, one pixel equals 1 green 0.5 (blue and red), with a strong emphasis on green to make the picture look more vivid. AMOLED is self-luminous, individual pixels do not work when displaying black, and low power consumption when displaying dark colors.  So AMOLED saves power in dark colors, has hundreds of times the contrast of traditional LCDS, and doesn’t leak light. AMOLED is flexible and less prone to damage than LCD screens based on glass.  

Both AMOLED and SUPER AMOLED have a very wide color gamut. 


1.39inch round AMOLED,454×454 resolution,round active area diameter is 35.412mm,450nit brightness,MIPI/SPI interface,IPS free viewing angle,on-cell type it support capacitive touch panel .It was designed for high end smart watch.


1.78inch square AMOLED,368×448 resolution,active area dimension is 34.9×28.7mm, 550cd/m2 brightness,QSPI/MIPI interface,IPS free viewing angle,on-cell type it support capacitive touch it was designed for high end smart watch as well,we can guarantee stable supply and competitive price.


5.44inch vertical AMOLED,1080×1920 resolution,the active area dimension is 67.82×129.58mm,350cd/m2 brightness,MIPI interface,IPS free viewing angle,on-cell type it support capacitive touch,it was designed for handheld device.

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