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TFT LCD Display

Kingtech Group Co.,Ltd has been manufactured TFT LCD display since 2003. We have good resource for LCD panel and Driver IC; And we are also Innolux agent, can supply LCD panel,COG,FOG and LCM. Kingtech has ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 certificates and all products meet RoHS standard.Most of Kingtech products are custom. We can custom FPC, resistive touch, capacitive touch and backlight according to the customer’s requirements. Kingtech can also custom high brightness /sunlight readable LCD display, multiple interfaces (SPI, RGB and MCU interfaces) LCD display, UART HMI module, wide temperature (-30C~+80C/85C) LCD screen, round LCD Display, bar Type LCD Display, IPS LCD Display and Innolux LCD Display.

Kingtech can also make full black, wood grain and full white effects LCD screen. Currently it’s very popular to use on speaker, smart-home and other devices. In addition, we can increase the viewing angle based on the TN LCD display and make it close to IPS effect.

High brightness /Sunlight readable TFT LCD display:

1.77inch 176×220 1000nits, 2.0inch 240×320 1000nits, 2.4inch 240×320 1000nits, 2.8inch 240×320 600nits, 3.5inch 320×480 IPS 1600nits, 4.3inch 480×272/800×480 1000nits, 5inch 800×480 1000nits, 7inch 800×480/1024×600 1000nits, 8inch 800×1280 2000nits, 10.1inch 1280×800 1000nits LCD module.

Multiple interfaces (SPI, RGB and MCU) TFT LCD display:

2.8inch 240×320, 2.4inch 240×320, 3.5inch 320×480 IPS.

UART HMI module:

2.8inch 240×320 with resistive touch with UART, 3.5inch 320×480 LCD with UART, 4.3inch 480×272 with resistive touch with UART, 7inch 800×480/1024×600 with capacitive touch with UART HMI module.

Wide temperature (-30C~+80C/85C)TFT LCD display:

5inch 800×480, 7inch 800×480 IPS, 10.1inch 1280×800/1280×720 IPS, 10.4inch 1024×768 IPS, 12.1inch 1024×768 IPS, 12.3inch 1920×720 IPS, 15inch 1024×768 IPS screen module.

Round LCD module:

1.2inch 240×240 MIP ECB, 1.22inch 240×204, 1.28inch 240×240, 1.39 inch 454×454, 3.34 inch 320×320, 3.4inch 800×800, 5.0inch 1080×1080, 23inch 1280×1280 round LCD display.

Bar Type Display:

3.46inch 340×800, 4.82inch 480×1120, 10.4inch 1024×100, 12.3inch 1920×720 bar type display.

IPS/ Full / All / Wide/ Viewing Angle TFT LCD display:

2.0 inch 240×320, 2.4inch 240×320, 2.8inch 240×320, 3.5inch 320×240/320×480, 4.3inch 800×480/400×800, 4.82inch 480×1120, 7.0inch 1204×600, 10.1inch 1280×800 IPS LCD display.

Innolux LCD Display:

4.3inch 480×272/800×480, 5inch 480×272, 7inch 800×480 RGB LW700AT9309 (9309) and AT070TN83 (TN83) LCD module.

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