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4.3 inch LCD display

Kingtech main product—4.3 inch LCD display including 4.3 inch landscape screen, 4.3 inch vertical screen, 4.3 inch transflective LCD display, 4.3 inch high brightness LCD display, 4.3 inch sunlight readable LCD display, 4.3 inch normal LCD display, 4.3 inch sunlight readable, 4.3 inch outdoor LCD display, 4.3 inch Transflective display, 4.3 inch Transmissive display, 4.3 inch LCD display with capacitive touch panel, 4.3 inch LCD display with resistive touch panel, 4.3 inch LCD display with HDMI board can provide to contact Raspberry PI.

For the 4.3 inch LCD display, we have 4.3 inch 480×272 resolution/600 nits normal brightness and 1000 nits high brightness/ sunlight readable/ outdoor/ RGB interface/6 O’ clock/TN view angle and IPS/All/Free/Wide view angle can choose /4311+ST7282 Driver IC/ can support capacitive touch and resistive touch/ Transmissive TFT LCD display landscape screen, 4.3 inch 480×800 resolution/ 200 nits normal brightness/ RGB interface/ IPS/ All/ Free/ Wide view angle/OTM8019A Driver IC/ with capacitive touch panel landscape screen Transmissive TFT LCD display, 4.3 inch 800×480 resolution/ 250 nits normal brightness/ RGB interface/ IPS/ All/ Free/ Wide view angle/ST7262 Driver IC/ -30°C~85°C work temp/ wide work temp/ Transmissive TFT LCD display.

For the 4.3 inch wide work temp display, the wide temperature of liquid crystal display and display sharp contrast is very good, formed a very smooth change, and some main value, let the bright image in the presence of using it in the current good situation, you can also play in a wide range of temperature to the relevant features, and on the basis of good transformation can also be faster access to the entire product advantages. Wide temperature liquid crystal display with vibration, electromagnetic interference resistance, stable quality, widely adapt to temperature, etc.

Our 4.3 inch LCD display backlight, FPC, iron frame, cover glass, HDMI board, capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen can be customized according to customer requirements. And our product is the A grade product, the good quality well use for Industrial product,medical application.

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