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15.6inch LCD Display

Kingtech is a display solution specialist since 2003,we are providing our customers reall one stop solution of LCD display, During last 17 years, based on LCD display as our center, we gradually expand to capacitive touch panel, HDMI board, serial port board, T-CON board, transfer board, mother board, software & hardware design and complete display solution.

Kingtech 15.6inch LCD display is a transmissive type color active matrix liquid crystal display(LCD) which uses amorphous thin film transistor(TFT) as switching devices. This product contains a TFT LCD panel, 4 drives IC, a PCBA and a LED-backlight unit. The active display area is 15.6 inches diagonally measured and the native resolution is 1920*RGB*1080.

For our 15.6inch LCD display, the brightness has 600nits and 1000nits, it can be used for outdoor device, sunlight readable or under the sun environment. The 15.6inch LCD display support LVDS and eDP interfaces. For LVDS interface, we just need add a convert board from eDP to LVDS. The 15.6inch LCD display is IPS type and the viewing angle is all/free/wide. This one has existing capacitive touch. Kingtech also can custom the touch according to the customer’s requirements.

In addition, between Kingtech 15.6inch sunlight readable LCD display and other supplier’s 15.6inch LCD display, Kingtech’s 15.6inch has a lot advantage such as the brightness is 600nits and 1000nits, but other supplier’s 15.6inch LCD display is only 200~300nits. Kingtech 15.6inch LCD display has LVDS and eDP interfaces, but other supplier’s 15.6inch module is only eDP interface. The operating temperature is -20~+70C, other’s is 0~+50C. Moreover the important point is color gamut. Kingtech 15.6inch LCD display is 69%~72%, but other 15.6inch LCD display is only 42%~45%.

The 15.6inch LCD display can be used for industrial monitor, medical device, car charge and others.

If you have any 15.6inch LCD display inquiry,welcome to contact us at anytime.

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