Our production line is ISO9001,ISO14001,TS16949 Certificated,quality is guaranteed.

Most of our products are produced for industrial/medical/smart home/high end wearable device,these products have strict quality request.After dealing with these applications for more than 15 years our production lines are very mature and our quality control system is also very complete,we know how to control the quality.

From the raw material on,all raw materials we use should be A grade or even A+ grade,we purchase them from official authorized suppliers.

When the raw materials arrived our warehouse we will do the spot test each batch of material make sure they are promised.

On our production lines,every process has spot check position,and after assembly backlight,every display will be checked piece by piece,if there’s touch panel,after bonded the touch panel,our works will check the touch panel function piece by piece,then before package,there will be another worker to check the total function piece by piece.A single display will be checked more than 5 times before it shipped to our end customers.

What if the display was EOL?

Usually a display EOL is because of the LCD panel was end of life or stopped produced.

Firstly we will check with the original LCD panel manufacturer,if the panel was really end of life,we will get the final production quantity and lead time,and negotiate with our customer help them to do the last buy.Sometimes the last buy quantity will be large,to make sure the project will move forward we will buy the LCD panel together with our customer,just to make sure customer will get the panel without any problem.

If the display driver was end of life,there will be an alternative version or an update version,we will move to the new version and make new samples for our customer to do double check.

For the backlight, FPC and touch panel, usually we invest our own tools to guarantee long term stable supply.

We can not guarantee that our display will never EOL,cause every brand of LCD panel and driver have their own lifetime,but what we can guarantee is we will help our customer and make an alternative solution to replace the old display,we will take the responsibility and always stand with our customer.

What if the display was EOL?

Usually our quality check contains below parts:

Surface check:Our worker will check the surface by eyes and magnifying glass,to make sure there’s no unacceptable dot inner the display.

Dimension check:Our IQC will use calipers to measure the display,height,width,thickness,FPC length,to make sure every dimension is promised.

Electronics function:IQC will use the tester and light up our display check the electronic function by switching pictures one by one.If the display have touch panel,resistive touch or capacitive touch,we have our own tester to test the touch function,make sure there’s no defects.

Brightness:IQC will use BM-7 to test display’s brightness,make sure it is within correct brightness range upon to the specs.

For new design products,we will do several reliability test:

High temperature

Low temperature test

Constant temperature and humidity test

Interference test

Ageing test

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