Touch screen display

Kingtech touch monitors include resistive touch panels and capacitive touch panels. Our touch monitors are mainly used in industrial equipment, automotive industry, smart home, etc.

Our capacitive touch panels support I2C interface and USB interface. For example, our 10.1-inch tft lcd touch screen, this type of capacitive touch screen supports both IIC and USB interfaces. Customers can choose USB or I2C for their projects, using .

For capacitive touch panels, we can customize according to customer requirements. Such as different sizes, different shapes, different functions, etc… We can also add AG-anti-glare/AR-anti-reflection/AF-anti-fingerprint to the capacitive touch screen.

For capacitive touch panels, it includes multi-touch and single-touch. Customers can choose the right features for their projects.

Kingtech also has a color OCA, which can help capacitive touch panels to achieve a full black or full white effect in appearance, mainly used in smart homes. OCA in this color has a wide range of applications in the market.

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Contact: Xia Wei


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