3 Major Markets for Touch Screen Application

In recent years, monitors have shown its significance as the interface between human-device interactions. With the booming mobile internet and IOT, touch screen is going to enter every corner of daily lives. Commercial application, automotive and new retail are considered as the three major markets for touch screen.


1. Commercial Applications


As intelligent, digital and data-driven industries develop, there is a rising demand for large size high-end displays. Government affairs, tourism, facilities management and health care will be the application fields for commercial displays.


More than just a display terminal, a touch screen acts as a platform for sensor, touch control and human-device interaction, showing its promising future of vast opportunity.


2. Automotive Use


There are four categories of automotive displays: Cluster, HUD, CID and RSE. The future auto display layout will be more user-friendly. Interactions on information among vehicles show great potentials. Electrification strategies have been made by car makers including BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Ford and TOYOTA.


3. New Retail


New retail driven by 5G, IOT and AI creates a wider market for touch screen devices. Human-device interaction represents the recent trend among industries. Touch screen is not only an output but also an input terminal. In the future, display technology will be everywhere in lives. Touch interaction will become more tangible and universal.

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