What is an AMOLED?


What is an AMOLED?


AMOLED, which is the abbreviation for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, represents a specific type of Light Emitting Diode, LED for short.


Every LED located inside the screen is in extremely micro size, and divided in to three pixel groups of RED, GREEN, and BLUE. They re-combine to show a different color. Alignments of sub pixels have different effects on display performance.




Light emitting on OLED is an active process without any assistance from extra components. LCD requires the backlight illumination to achieve the emitting process.


AMOLED has almost the same driver circuit layout as LCD. On the other hand, it requires no backlight or crystal liquid layer, which makes it thinner and lighter. It is more power saving compared to LCD due to lower consumption in a dim screen condition.



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