AMOLED display vs TFT



TFT-LCD brightness through the Backlight, opens and closes through the LCD control, and then displays different colors through different RGB color filters .  On the other hand, AMOLED is self-illuminating and displays different colors through different combinations of RGB emitters.

Due to different luminous modes, TFT-LCD needs backlight, and the overall thickness is naturally a little thicker than AMOLED display.


AMOLED is thinner than TFT-LCDs In general, although various technologies, such as in-cell, have been used to reduce the overall thickness of the touchband over the past two years.
But also because AMOLED is self-luminous, you can’t inject liquid crystal into glass like TFT-LCD. Instead, you inject AMOLED’s luminous material into AMOLED by evaporation or printing.
The method of printing is still in the development stage. At present, including Samsung, it is produced in the form of evaporation.
Samsung, in order to improve the evaporation yield of AMOLED, used a variety of Pentile to produce.


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