Amoled display features

AMOLED features thinner and lighter, active luminescence (no backlight required), no viewing Angle problems, high clarity, high brightness, fast response, low energy consumption, wide operating temperature range, strong seismic capability, and soft display, many of which are difficult to achieve in TFT LCD panels.

AMOLED is using active luminous technology, popular, is each pixel on the screen, in fact, in addition to can complete according to the color function also has the characteristics of our own light shine, so under the background of any a kind of not all pixels on the screen in the glowing, where pure black pixels not only failed to show up at the same time also did not shine, This to a large extent for everyone to save electricity.

It is also a good protection for the screen of the phone. Secondly, AMOLED has a brighter performance in terms of color. Of course, such brightening does require a certain adaptation process, because when we are used to the whiter TFT screen, when we face the gorgeous AMOLED screen, we will think that the screen is a little red, but after adaptation, you will find that AMOLED has a very obvious advantage in terms of color.

disadvantage : AMOLED screens lost their backlight support. As a result, the brightness of the screen can only be supported by self-lighting pixels, so the performance of AMOLED screens in outdoor environments is mediocre. And the price is higher.

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