Kingtech 15.6 inch 1920*1080 TFT display

Item 15.6 inch IPS 1920*1080 TFT display
Model No. DW1560B7Y1
Resolution 1920*1080
Outline Dimension (mm) 211.7*359.4*5.50
Active Area (mm) 193.59*344.16
Viewing Angle All
Brightness 1200nits
Interface eDP
Backlight 10*10 LED
Driving IC /
PIN No. 30
Operating Temperature -20-70C
Storage Temperature -30~80C
Touch screen Can custom resistive and capacitive touch screen
Application Medical, hand-held device, industrial

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  1. 15.6 inchTFT display
  2. 1920*1080
  3. Stable supply
  4. IPS/Full/Wide/All viewing angle
  5. eDP interface
  6. 1200nits brightness/Sunlight readable/High brightness/Outdoor
  7. Can custom resistive touch and capacitive touch
  8. Medical, hand-held device, industrial

15.6 inch 1920*1080 TFT LCD

15.6 inch 1920*1080 TFT LCD

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