LCD screen PCBA

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Product Name: LCD screen PCBA
Product model: YX-26HD101-V2
Product description:
The motherboard solution uses RealtekRTD2660H main control, and the output display interface supports TTL 50PIN and LVDS 40PIN.
Detailed functional description:
1. Display master: Realtek dedicated display chip RTD2660H.
2. DC input voltage: DC 12V input.
3. Support TTL/RGB display interface, the maximum pixel of the display screen is 1920*1080.
4. Compatible with VGA PC signal input.(The VGA signal needs an external extension VGA socket)
5. Compatible with CVBS analog signal input.(Optional, this feature is not left by default)
6. Support dual HDMI input, maximum input pixel 1920*1080 60Hz.
7. Support key operation. (Requires external key board)
8. Support remote control operation. (Requires external infrared receiver)
9. Support 40PIN LVDS display interface.

10. Support 50PIN TTL display interface.

LCD screen PCBA

LCD screen PCBA
LCD screen PCBA
LCD screen PCBA
LCD screen PCBA

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