What is the touch screen?

What is the touch screen?

Maybe you keep hearing about touch screens but ask yourself what is the touch screen.

Well, a touch screen is an electronic display screen as well as an input device that’s pressure-sensitive and can be triggered by finger movements and a stylus to play an interface between users and devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and other touch-sensitive appliances.

It provides a more innovative alternative to the traditional keyboard and mouse that we used before the onset of digital touch technology.

How does a touch screen work?

First, when you touch, move icons, or type on your screen, the screen registers the event and sends it to a controller to be processed. A touch screen contains the first layer, which is a protective part that protects the touch screen components and the display, followed by an electronic grid that is touch-sensitive and identifies inputs sent by the user. Then under the touchscreen is the LCD layer, which is the actual display component.

Different types of touch-screen technologies

In the modern digital world, there are different touch screens, such as capacitive, resistive, infrared, and surface acoustic waves.

  • Capacitive: A capacitive touch screen is made of an electrically charged material monitored by circuits at each corner, which when touched changes its capacity, sending the message and interpreting it. It can only be touched by a stylus, and it is known for its high clarity and resistance to water and dust.
  • Resistive: It has a thin metallic layer that is both conductive and resistant to detecting a touch by a user’s finger. This technology is applicable to finger or stylus touch and is more affordable when compared to capacitive. However, it is prone to dust and water damage, and the screen can be damaged by sharp objects.
  • Surface acoustic wave: This advanced touch screen technology generates an ultrasonic wave by registering changes in the waves it perceives when touched. It can be easily touched by fingers or a stylus but does not work with hard materials.

Advantages of a touch screen?

A touch screen has numerous advantages, especially as more and more digital gadgets keep emerging every single day.

Touch screen technology eliminates the use of keyboards and mice which are cumbersome, and enhances performance efficiency.

They are also fun and entertaining to work with because you only touch and drag apps on beautiful screens. The touch screen is easy to use, interactive, and long-lasting.


The downside of a touch screen is that it is costly and can be prone to damage due to dust, water, or breakdown.

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