Which Is Better OLED Or LCD? Know About These Different Technologies

New technologies have caused significant transformations in various fields. Considering the latest display technologies is important if you want to design a display application. However, how will you choose between OLED and LCD? Which is better OLED or LCD?

You might have heard about Light-emitting diodes or LEDs used for many devices. But, it has a minor labeling issue with Liquid Crystal Display. Both LED and LCD is the same from a display perspective. One thing to be noted is that LED indicates the source of light and not the display. On the other hand, OLED (Organic LED) is best for high-end devices.

As a missive display type, OLED has a self-illuminating capacity. But LCD provides information through transfection or transmissive methods like backlight. Let us learn more about these display technologies.

In terms of brightness, which is better OLED or LCD?


LCD screen is brighter when compared to OLED. Many smartphone and TV manufacturers like to use this technology for display. It is because smartphones need to show a good brightness level while users watch videos.

Contrast- OLED versus LCD

If you see an LCD screen in a dark room, you will find that the parts of a black picture are not purely black due to the backlighting effect. Manufacturers who use LCD often mention the contrast ratio, which is around 1,000:1 on average. However, the contrast is higher in the case of an OLED display. The black images will be purely black because the pixels do not produce light. OLED is best for using darker rooms.

Which technology offers better viewing angles?

If you focus more on the viewing angle, OLED panels are the right choice. There is a minimal gap between the surface and the pixels. That is why phone manufacturers prefer using OLED screens.
On the contrary, LCD is not ideal for those who give priority to viewing angles. However, as there are various types of LCD panels, you can find a difference.

But, many modern LCD devices have in-plane switching or IPS panels, which ensure better-viewing angles.

Color performance

The latest LCDs can please you with their natural-looking colors. Still, everything depends on the integrated technology used for them. For instance, Vertical Alignment and IPS screens have high color accuracy with proper calibrations.

But, in the case of OLED’s color performance, you may find slight vibration issues. Nevertheless, modern OLEDs are better than traditional ones. Sometimes, there are issues in maintaining the color saturation level with OLED panels. However, you will not encounter this problem in your LCD.

Which is better, OLED or LCD?

Although LCD has been prevailing in the market for years, many manufacturers have started moving away from it. OLED has become more cost-effective and gained momentum. It is more efficient at managing lighting precision and darkness. The viewing angle is more comprehensive, and the motion processing is better with modern OLED technology. So, it would help if you considered these factors when you choose display technology for manufacturing devices.

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Which Is Better OLED Or LCD? Know About These Different TechnologiesWhich Is Better OLED Or LCD? Know About These Different Technologies

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