Why Kingtech more and more successful ?

Our Kingtech.

We started our business as just a single office distributing LCD panel and driver IC.  After 15 years of hard work by our team, we are now getting closer and closer to our mission of one-step solution

Now we have our own LCD panel cutting factory to cut mother glass into small sizes.  You see, when original manufacturer produce LCD panels, it is big mother glass.  Our cutting factory help to cut into small pieces like 4.3 inch, 3.5 inch .

We have our own LCD panel etching factory. For some applications such as mobile phone, hand-held device, they care a lot about weight and thickness. We help original LCD manufacturer to etch LCD panel to be thinner. for example, from 0.4mm to 0.2mm.  We put big mother glass into our machine, we set the parameter such as time, the density oft he chemical liquid.  After mother glasses go through the machine, it is etched to be the thickness we need. 

Then we polish the surface to make it even.

Since we have long term and close business relationship with those LCD panel original manufacturer, we always get good source and good information about LCD panel supply

When we get a new project, first thing we do is to check about the LCD panel supply status and choose the long life and stable supply brand.  Most of new projects need about 1~2 years to develop, if we don’t do this job in the very beginning, it may happen that after customer finish development, LCD panel gets end of life.

We have strong R&D team.  More than 90% of our business is custom made products.  Customers always have their own requirement such as interface, FPC length, backlight brightness

We have our own backlight factory, capacitive touch panel and optical bonding factory

We have two display module assemble factory. No1 is for regular application such as telephone, GPS, carblack box. No 2 is with higher quality manage system mainly for medical, industrial and car industrial .

In summary , that is why Kingtech more and more successful ?

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