AMOLED – Positives and Negatives


 – AMOLED is thinner and lighter. Ideal for super thin devices.

        – Some individual pixel is unoccupied in a dark screen condition, less power consumption when displaying dark colors.

        – Easy to be made into flexible screens. Not easy to break.

        – Wide color range, up to 110% NTSC.

        – High contrast ratio, no light spill.

        – Quick response with 1/000-1/100 response time to LCD.

        – Large viewing angle

        – Solid component. No crystal liquid. Compression and seismic resistant. Wide temperature range.



        – Early released OLED shows the problems of burn-in and unnatural color.

        – LTPS TFT technology currently has a low percentage of qualify product in large format cases, rising the price significantly.

        – Super AMOLED technology is typically monopolized by SAMSUNG.

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