QVGA 3.5 inch 320×240 SPI or MCU interface lcd display .

For a normal QVGA 3.5-inch 320×240 lcd display, it only can support the RGB interface. If customers want to use SPI or MCU interface, they can choose SSD2119 driver IC on the 3.5-inch lcd display. So that it can support SPI or MCU interface.

But the SSD2119 driver IC is in short supply. It can’t be purchased in the market this time.

In order to provide the one-stop solution to our customer, our R&D team evaluated and provided an alternative solution to our customer. And this customized product was verified by samples.

We use 3.5 inch 320×240 RGB interface lcd display to custom (Add a convert Chip ) the SPI or MCU interface .


QVGA 3.5 inch 320x240 SPI or MCU interface lcd display .

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