Important Things to Consider in Choosing pos terminal touch screen and pos touch screen monitor

In today’s technologically driven market, businesses need to adapt to the latest technologies to keep their customers happy. In this regard, various changes have emerged in recent years. One of these changes is that the old-style cash counters have now been replaced with pos terminal touchscreen devices. The reason behind this popularity is that a pos touchscreen monitor allows making quick additions and adjustments instantly to function and business. It also presents a clear view to both the client and the person at the counter of the ongoing calculations and transactions which is extremely helpful for everyone.


What is the preferred pos terminal touch screen Type?

Generally, pos touch screen monitor comes in two types of touch screens. The first one is resistive touch, which requires a hard press. The second choice is capacitive touch which is quite smooth and easy on the fingers and is presently in great demand.

Generally, a pos terminal touch screen equipped with capacitive touch is the preferred choice among business owners as the smooth touch not only makes the entire process much easier but also efficient and time-saving at the same time.


What is the Right Size for a pos touch screen monitor?

As we know that pos terminal touch screen comes in varying sizes, therefore a business should choose a pos touch screen monitor size according to their customers. Moreover, the intended placement of a particular pos touchscreen monitor is also important for this purpose. To help with this, we offer different sizes of pos terminal touch screens in bulk which can be customized and even made to order as per the specifications provided by our clients. These touch displays are generally available in a size range between 1.22 inches to 15.6 inches.


What Features Can be added to the pos terminal touch screen?

As we have already mentioned that a business can have a custom pos touchscreen monitor order according to its specifications, and various available features can be included in it.

-Multiple Touch Options: a business can decide whether their desired pos touch screen monitor should have single touch or multiple touch options. For instance, while going with resistive touch, even 10 point touch function can be added to a screen. Whereas, in capacitive touch, there is a choice between an I2C interface and a USB interface.


-Choice of Glass: the thickness of the Glass cover can also be specified depending on our client’s business requirements and expected operating environment. We offer a choice between 0.5 mm to 3 mm glass thickness. Moreover, additional safety features can also be added such as water and splash resistance. If leaving fingerprints on the screen is a concern, then we also offer fingerprint-resistant glasses specifically for this purpose.


-Enhanced Protection: since screens at POS terminals are usually more prone to scratches, we offer protective features like 6H hardened tampered glass or scratch-resistant glasses (like Gorilla glass) to the display. This ensures that the display remains scratch free, and usable for a longer duration.


About Us

At KngTech, we are the leading pos terminal touch screen and pos touch screen monitor bulk manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. Our R&D engineers keep coming up with innovative yet highly efficient pos touchscreen monitors and our Quality Assurance department makes sure that every product is tested on each step. We provide 100% tested products in bulk, and our low-profit margins make our prices highly competitive which is highly beneficial for our client’s businesses.

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