what is lcd display module


LCD is short for Liquid Crystal Display

The liquid crystal is placed between two parallel pieces of glass. Between the two pieces of glass are many small vertical and horizontal wires. The rod crystal molecules change direction by being energized or not, refracting light to create a picture.Longer life than CRT, lower energy consumption, lower cost.


operating principle

Screen can display is the basic principle of filling liquid crystal material between two parallel plates, through the voltage to change the arrangement of internal molecular liquid crystal materials, to achieve the purpose of shading and pervious to light to show the different shades, strewn at random have the images, and as long as between two pieces of tablet plus three color filter layer, can realize the display color images.

main feature

A liquid crystal is an organic compound made up of long rods of molecules. In nature, the long axes of these rods are roughly parallel.

The first characteristic of LCD is that the liquid crystal must be inserted between two planes with thin slots in order to work properly. The slots in the two planes are perpendicular to each other (they intersect at 90 degrees), that is, if the molecules in one plane are aligned north-south, the molecules in the other are aligned east-west, and the molecules in between are forced into a state of 90-degree torsion. Because light travels in the direction of the molecules, it is also twisted 90 degrees as it passes through the liquid crystal. But when a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the molecules are rearranged vertically, allowing light to pass straight through without any distortion.

A second feature of LCD is that it relies on polarized filters, which naturally diverges randomly in all directions, and on the light itself, which is actually a series of thinner and thinner parallel lines. The lines form a network that blocks all light that is not parallel to the lines. The polarized filter’s lines are exactly perpendicular to the first one, so they completely block the polarized light. Light can only pass through if the lines of the two filters are completely parallel, or if the light itself has been twisted to match the second polarized filter.

LCD is made up of two polarized filters that are perpendicular to each other and should normally block any light that tries to pass through. However, because the two filters are filled with twisted liquid crystals, the light that passes through the first filter is twisted 90 degrees by the liquid crystal molecules and finally passes through the second filter. If, on the other hand, a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the molecules rearrange themselves so that they are completely parallel, so that the light no longer twists, and so is blocked by the second filter. In short, adding electricity will block the light, and not adding electricity will let the light out. Of course, it is also possible to change the arrangement of the liquid crystals in the LCD so that light is emitted when it is charged and blocked when it is not. But since the LCD screen is almost always lit, only “electric power will block the light.”

what is lcd display module

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