Never buy bread cheaper than flour!–KIngtech’s LCD are use A-grade raw materials

Never buy bread cheaper than flour!--KIngtech's LCD are use A-grade raw materials

Never buy bread cheaper than flour!!!

 3.5”,4.3”,  and 7.0” is the most common size on the market. Nevertheless, it’s quality  problems are everywhere. The only reason Kingtech gain trust is: Strict material  management.

 We  insist on purchasing A-size LCD panel, wider viewing angle polarizer, 1 ounce  copper foil (good conductivity), brand LED as backlight , etc. raw  materials.

 Even  though our LCD panle is more expensive than other suppliers’ finished  products(LCD display), we think it is worth to do. So, would you buy more cheaper bread than flour?


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3.5” 320*240 LCD with Touch Panel                    4.3” 480*800 300/800nits touch Panel                    7” 800*480 40/50pin LCD with TP and HDMI 

Highlight of Kingtech is that we have  complete chain including:

1. Very good TFT LCD panel source to  make us good and stable supply

2. Factory is ISO9001 and TS16949 certificated.: Display  module assembly factory; TFT LCD panel cutting&etching factory; Capacitive  touch panel & Optical bonding factory.

3. Each product will be inspected 5-times before shipment, including in-coming  material inspection; 1 0 0 % on-line inspection; Q C spot check, aging –test and  O Q C test. 

4. More than 90% of our products  are customized. Display size, FPC shape and  definition, Backlight brightness, Touch panel all can be  customized.



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Skype: Kingtech06


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