Vietnam Tour in March—-Kingtech News Monthly

Vietnam Tour in March----Kingtech News Monthly

Kingtech Group reached a milestone with an exciting voyage to the tropical resort Nha Trang, Vietnam in early March. 

Vietnam is a country with a coastline of 3,000 kilometers. People here enjoy life, they like coffee and tea.What a charming Vietnam ! our team has fallen in love this beautiful place.

More than just coffee, sunshine and coconut, the first  oversea camping trip of the team unveiled the great ambition of “being globally well-known” by leaving the footprint on the first stop along the ”Belt and Road” economic stripe proposed by the Chinese government. 

The “Belt and Road” initiative illustrates the direction that Chinese enterprises plan to output capabilities for infrastructure, healthcare, and the booming technologies for digital devices. 

As a LCD module supplier and a technological solution provider, Kingtech Group bears its mission firmly in mind – to deliver top quality and ideal solution to global customers.

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