What is LCD?


LCD means  (Liquid Crystal Display)

The structure of the LCD is placed in the middle of the two pieces of parallel glass liquid crystal box, the substrate glass set on TFT (thin-film transistor), set the color filter substrate glass on, on the TFT signal and the voltage change to control the rotation direction of the liquid crystal molecules, to achieve control of each pixel display emergent polarized light or not and to achieve.

Now LCD has replaced CRT as the mainstream, the price has also fallen a lot, and has been fully popular.LCD module.


Liquid Crystal is a kind of organic compound. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) has the advantages of low radiation, small lcd screen, and low energy consumption.

Common LCDs are divided into four types according to their physical structure:
1) Twisted Nematic (TN, Twisted Nematic for short, mainly used in-game console LCD screens);
2) Super twisted nematic type (STN for short, full name Super TN, is currently used by mobile phone LCD screen);
3) Dual Scan Tortuosity Nomograph (DSTN, the full name of Dual Scan Tortuosity Nomograph, is used in early laptop computers and digital devices such as mobile phones nowadays);
4) TFT (full name Thin Film Transistor) is the mainstream application of the current Transistor.


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